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Growing “White Bush Scallop” Summer Squash (2017)

I started this “white bush scallop” squash from seed on May 13th, two weeks before the last frost date in my area. On May 27, I transplanted the best three seedlings and then thinned to only one a few weeks later. It should produce in only 50 days. I grew this plant in my 12-inch raised bed in an area about 32×40 inches. The first fruit was produced by mid-July and now there are several more to be harvested. The leaves are spilling over the bed but the foliage is green and untouched by disease, as of July 24th.

I often grow regular green zucchini and yellow summer squash but I wanted to try something “new” this year. I was intrigued by this heirloom variety that was grown by native Americans because its history can be traced back hundreds of years. It’s a beautiful and tasty fruit and I’ll definitely grow more next season.

“White bush scallop” squash on July 24, 2017
To the left you can see this plant is a big, round burst of bright, healthy green leaves. To the right is a less impressive looking zucchini plant. (7/27)
This squash was 1 pound, 3 ounces and not seedy at all.
By the end of July, this summer squash is getting loaded with fruit.
Cut Scallop Squash
This squash has soft seeds when smaller and there is no need to peel the skin. The skin is tender and the flesh is sweet and fresh even when eaten raw. I cook it the same way that I’d prepare zucchini. You’ll need to remove the seeds if you let it grow to maturity. My chickens always appreciate the seeds if I don’t roast them for myself.
Rex eats squash
My sweet, scruffy Rex really enjoys this squash when raw.
Rex eats squash
He’s hoping Ginger doesn’t notice he’s sneaking tasty treats.


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