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A Frozen Treat for Summer Chickens

My free ranging chickens do a good job of keeping themselves cool in summer. On the hottest days, they find shaded sanctuaries under the foliage where they dust themselves with cold dirt. They have numerous sources of fresh water that they visit throughout the day. Even still, their maniacal appreciation for bugs and fruit makes it fun to offer them healthy, hydrating treats they have to work for. My chickens loved this frozen block of mealworms and fruit. It kept them busy for several hours and they devoured every bit.


I simply packed strawberries, peas, and mealworms into a silicone bread mold then topped it off with water and froze it overnight. The only reason I chose these fruits was because I had some in the freezer I wanted to use up. I know my chickens also love corn, watermelon, and tomatoes when they’re in season. But every chicken agrees that mealworms are essential no matter the time of year.



Environmental biologist and wannabe homesteader.

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